About us

Our journey started in February 2017 with our first release of our core beers – Catcher and Moth. They were a big milestone and a dream, which I was chasing for years. For a young guy like me – I was 24 at the time – starting a brewing journey was a big step.

Back in 2012 I was firstly introduced to an amazing craft beer range straight from America. Breweries which I felt in love with were Stone and Sierra Nevada. They showed me how amazing the beer could be. I started visiting a lot of pubs, bars and breweries to try local brews and learn as much as I can about a beer and brewing culture.

Shortly after I built my own homebrew kit and started playing around with grains and hops – everything was so random, so I had a few ‘interesting’ batches of beer. After reading a lot of books, the quality and skills have massively improved and allowed me to produce very tasty beers.

I had an opportunity to help out in a small brewery in Spennymoor, which I’ve learnt a lot about processes and a bigger scale production.

And here we are now – July 2018 – we have released 6 different beers so far. We have been delivering as far as Edinburgh and Chesterfield. We have big goals and aims for the upcoming months and years. Follow us and I believe you won’t be disappointed!




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