Beer delivery and collection service

We are now offering our home beer delivery service. You can place the order through our webshop, facebook page and phone for our products.

Delivery in Darlington and within 5 miles radius is free.
5-15 miles will be charged £5.
15-25 miles extra £7.5.
25+miles – as of  27/04 we will be able to offer courier service – more info and prices soon.

We are offering selection of bottles, 0.5l and 1l freshly poured containers(which are delivered in within short period of time in a cold bag to preserve the draught freshness) and 5l bag in boxes on selected lines.

Fresh containers are designed to be drank on the same day – to preserve the quality of beer – we provide plastic milk cartons (not used previously),

5L Bag in Boxes – usually last up to 7 days once opened(but may much longer).

5L Kegs – best quality is in the first 2 days and should be consumed then, but some reports say that beer was good up to 4 days(all depending on surrounding conditions and beer).

We are also offering a collection service or we can fill your own growlers – what we have on the bar can be found in the shop/ 0.5l/1l containers on certain beers(all the availability in the SHOP)

We are open Wednesday-Sunday 12pm-6pm.


*We adhere to all the safety guidelines given by the goverment

*All the alcohol is supplied under the license of Darlington Brewers Collective LTD.



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