Our process

At the beginning we have to choose the right malt, which matches the style of beer. Malt is made by germination and kilning of grains what results in changes within a cell and sugars to extract.

First step we would set the right temperature of hot water in our HLT(hot liquor tank). Mash Tun will be used for our single infusion process, which is mostly used in the brewing. There are other processes, such as double infusions, decoction mash, but that’s more popular in European countries. We will add our malt to the mash tun together with water, making sure that all the grain has been hydrated. The temperature at this stage is usually between 65-67 to ensure all the enzymes are working and breaking the starches. That process will take about 45-60 mins.

Next step is filtration. In this part we would separate sweet wort from the grains and transfer them to the kettle. During that time, we are sparging the grain in the mash tun with hot water to collect as much fermentable sugars as possible.

Another step would be boiling. It will take about an hour. We will add hops at the beginning, which will allow for full conversion and give the bitterness. Depends on the beer we add hops about 30 mins into to get the flavour, and by the end for the aromas.

After the boiling is finished, we will start the transfer. The hot wort will then be put through the heat exchanger to rapidly cool the temperature to 20C.

Last step is pitching the yeast. After ensuring all the beer is in the fermenter, we would prepare a yeast starter by hydrating the yeast. We would pour the solution into the beer and wait few days until the fermentation is completed.

After fermentation, which usually takes 4 days, we would start the cold crash. It means we will drop the temperature of the beer from 20C to around 8C, to stop the yeast from working and prepare the beer ready for racking.

That’s the entire process, which we are using at Saints Row Brewing Co.


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